Our pig herd are free-range and can be found predominantly outdoors roaming our beautiful Sussex farm fields. We breed from Wessex Saddleback cross Landrace sows and large white boar. We use Wessex Saddlebacks for their excellent mothering ability, Landrace for the leanness of meat and large white boars for added growth. There is no tail docking, teeth clipping or nose ringing for our pigs. We are farm-assured and proud to support rare breeds such as the Wessex Saddleback.

Adsdean Farm Cow Herd

Our free-range beef herd are bred from Aberdeen Angus cows and either a Sussex or Limousin bull. Our young calves enjoy the comfort of being reared in straw yards before moving out to grass paddocks for the summer and then returning to the farm to fatten off in early autumn. When in season, we also rear lamb from neighbouring Racton Park Farm, and Manor Farm, East Marden.

Our arable crops at Adsdean farm, include wheat, barley, rye and oilseed rape. Once harvested, our crops go to the co-operative grain store in nearby Hambrook West Sussex. We use a crop consultant to combat commercial selling of pesticides and to keep spray use to a minimum our crops are rotated to reduce weeds and diseases. By using natural organic matter, such as our farmyard manure, to spread on the ground, we also help to maintain the natural balance of the soil and avoid the use of fertilisers.